“I just wish you hadn’t been a soldier.”

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Yeah not gonna lie didn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe Twelve’s just more arsey about soldiers idk.

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Knowing what massive Who geeks Steven Moffat, Gareth Roberts and Peter Capaldi are, there has to be a scene like this in ‘The Caretaker’:

Clara: You’ve got a job here? How did you get a job here? 

The Doctor: I asked Chesterfield for a favour. 

Clara: Who?

The Doctor: Chatterton, the governor of the school. 

Clara: You mean Mr Chesterton, the Chairman of the Governors.

The Doctor: Yes, that’s him, Chesserman.



buying clothes that aren’t black is hard

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*sits on a cornflake* where the fucks the van??

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“Fuck, my tea.”
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nine: don’t wander off

ten: don’t wander off

eleven: don’t wander off



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Sometimes I think about how confused the other guys in fight club must have been, like why does tyler keep talking to himself and why does he want us to hold him down and threaten him and then release him like wtf. Poor guys

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